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We help you create agile, happy, and effective teams. By collecting feedback from team members, and teach you how to use the feedback. We develop your leadership skills and help you build the most successful teams.

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If a person is happy and motivated, their results will reflect it.
Be proactive instead of reactive, and solve the internal challenges before they become critical success factors.

What is successteam?

Co-founders Toke and Nadia explain why they founded successteam and specifically how we collect feedback from team members, and help team leaders develop their leader skills through honest feedback from the team members.

The Platform

Successteam is a tool for team leaders that want to find and resolve challenges within their teams. This is done by almost seamlessly collecting honest feedback and visualizing this anonymously to the team leaders within 4 key indicators (Performance, Motivation, Satisfaction and Stress), in 3 different levels (Individual, Culture and Leadership).

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