Why should you become a Successteam?

Do you know how your team members are doing? Have you asked them lately? Are they even honest if you ask? Do you have sufficient insight to make better decisions and to improve your team over time?

Successteam will help you answer all the questions above. We'll gather your team's honest yet anonymous feedback continuously and show you real-time data insights. You'll have a simple overview shown through the indicators (within Performance, Motivation, Satisfaction and Stress-free), giving you an uncomplicated solution to take action on critical team challenges and continually improving your team even in rocking waters.

People come first! 

It's also a good business...
There are countless obstacles in any leadership situation when driving a happy, motivated team that also has to perform their best not to mention to improve every day. Many leaders today got their role through seniority because they worked their way up, which is excellent. Still, great leadership skills don't appear with many years of experience in a certain position. Leadership skills have to be learned and always developed, as a leader has the most significant responsibility of all, the people. That is not an easy task and as organizations develop into more remote work and diverse teams the challenge has never been bigger.

We have commissioned each other to settle for mediocre leadership because leaders are too busy with other assignments than checking in on the people. But this needs to change, and all change is difficult. Changing leaders' mindset to put people first, will create happier team members who are less likely to quit, which will leave everyone more motivated to do their tasks. Motivated team members deliver better results, and that is good business. It's not a cliche it's a fact.


Leaders are doing their best, but...
Suppose the team members feel demotivated, stressed, and underperforms. In that case, it isn't always the leaders' fault, although it is the leaders' responsibility to identify the challenges and help their team improve. It's in no way easy to be a great leader. For many years we have neglected the importance of developing our leaders and not given them the tools to succeed in their role, undermining what it actually takes to understand how to lead a team of very diverse individuals. That is why we build Successteam; We want to help you understand your team and improve based on what used to be hidden insights and valuable knowledge.


If you are a leader, you have the power!
Leaders have a huge responsibility as their decisions can significantly affect people's work-life balance and quality of life. If team members are happy, motivated, and not overworked, they will perform as a result.

But if team members are continuously pressured, not motivated, and working overtime, they might deliver results for a while, but they will burn out in the long run. This is not only costly for the company, but it has enormous consequences for the individual. Today we know how severe the effects of stress can be, so all companies should have a plan in place to counteract it. So here we are: helping you to harvest the people's level of performance, motivation, satisfaction, and stress. Viola, you will never be off track.



Save money, invest in your team

It's always costly for a company to replace an employee. It's estimated to be between ½ to 1 million Danish kroner, depending on the role, the vertical, and their experience of course. But between qualifying the new employee, onboarding and training them, and counting the inefficiency in the first period of their employment, the cost and losses are probably even higher.

But it's not only about the cost. It has a massive effect on the team dynamic and motivation when a team loses a key team member. These are the consequences we can't measure - at least not without Successteam. How much does it lower performance, and for how long if the team is demotivated? Does it create mistrust towards the leader? Does the loss of one team member inspire others to look elsewhere? The list of potential repercussions is very long.


If team members are stressed out. You'll pay the price.
Even though it might seem like an employee has a fair workload, the state of stress is individual and a direct result of each person's bandwidth level. A person's personal life will also affect their overall stress level, which underlines how important the understanding of each individual's needs is. One team member might be able to work 60+ hours a week and be happy and motivated, while others might need to work less or in a different way to perform at their highest level.

Research conducted in the United Kingdom shows that around 13.5 million workdays are lost yearly due to employees' stress concerns. Some of the most common issues leading to workplace stress include the fear of being fired, the pressure to fulfill above-average expectations (with no increase in job satisfaction), and lack of control over how the work is done. This is one of many research pointing towards how costly a bad work environment can be.

It's essential to give all team members the best conditions to perform and deliver on targets. It's best for the team members and best for the company. Win-win!

By using Successteam, you show your team that your value is "People come first!" And we promise, if you invest in your team, they will deliver as a result, and even better, they will stay happy and motivated while doing so.

Curious for more or need documentation for colleagues? Read or download the full guide here: Successteam Guide