What does it mean to be a leader in Successteam?

What does it mean to be a leader in Successteam?

Leaders have a huge responsibility as their decisions can significantly affect people's work-life balance and quality of life. If team members are happy, motivated, and not overworked, they will perform as a result. 

In Successteam, we help you as a leader by giving you a user-friendly tool to create a feedback culture where team members thrive. With real-time data, you'll be able to improve based on your team's honest yet anonymous feedback on a continuous basis. It's all about improving on challenges and celebrating achievements.

Here are some tips on how it works
If you already have a workspace, make sure all your team members have been added to your team. (If not, create your first workspace for free here). Now, ask your team members to share feedback by starting the Feedback Collector. It's easy; just go to your team dashboard and make sure the collector is "active." To keep your team's answers anonymous, you have to be at least four team members to start seeing data through your team indicators. Once we have collected enough feedback, your indicator status will be shown in your team dashboard, and you can begin taking action on various challenges.

A quick tip on how to get your team to answer continuously!

Remember to explain to your team how valuable their feedback is. It's a unique opportunity for them to share their thoughts and opinions and, based on this, improve you as a leader and the team as a whole.

By explaining the importance of them sharing their feedback continuously, their motivation to do so will be much greater. No one likes doing something recurringly if they don't understand why it is essential to your success. Sharing feedback mustn't be a tedious task but an opportunity to help each other become better together. 


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