A feedback culture
served on a silver platter

We made the complex simple! No lengthy setup, minimal maintenance, and actionable suggestions. So, you can skip the headache of learning a new complicated system.

So, how does it work?

What makes you excited to go to work might be totally different from what excites someone else.
That’s why there is no “one-fits-all” solution in leadership. Or is there?

If you are ready to listen and act, Successteam will undoubtedly make it easier for you to tackle leadership in a busy workday. You’ll get an automated feedback loop and actionable suggestions on how to act on team challenges.

Reach your teams full potential in 3 main steps.

Step one:

An automated feedback-loop

Get weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly feedback. New randomized questions each month. All answers are completely anonymous.

We have a pool of 1000+ pre-written feedback questions based on research and authentic leadership experience to make it easy and unbiased. Each industry has content created to fit its work environment.

Employees can give feedback through their laptop or a mobile app, and you can enable/disable the questions as you please.

No setup. You just press “start,” and you’ll get valuable insights.

Step two:

Dashboard Insights & Overview

To make it as uncomplicated as possible for you, we analyze all the data and present it in a straightforward way.

You can follow a single team’s movements through the team dashboard or see an overview of all teams in your organization.

You’ll also receive a frequent report on the progress to make it easy to share your results with your team or colleagues.

Step three:

Suggested Actions to Improve

Based on your data, we identify your team challenges. It’s quick and easy to understand which challenges are most critical.

To make it as effortless as possible for you, we show you what to prioritize first and give you actionable suggestions based on best practices and authentic leadership experience.

As a leader, you need time for other tasks as well. Successteam will help you understand where you should start. Remember, a little effort goes a long way. Your team will thank you later.  

How we measure your team success

We continuously measure on four key team success indicators.
These are the most important factors for team performance and individual work-life balance.
If they’re in the green, you’re more likely to succeed. If they’re not, we’ll provide you with everything you need to improve together.   


Your team should have the best conditions to perform to reach your team goals. Or even exceed them.

When all members know why goals are set and what they must do to achieve them, you’ll have a high-performance culture. It’s crucial to know if the culture generates the drive and energy needed to perform. If a culture is challenged performance-wise, it’s reflected in the team’s overall results and ambition.

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A highly motivated team will work harder, longer, and more passionately towards reaching shared goals.

We measure motivation at the leadership, culture, and individual level, which fuels a successful team. The team must be motivated as a unit, creating a culture in which team members support each other in reaching shared and personal goals instead of competing.

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Satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors affecting the team member’s overall happiness. Basic needs have to be covered if you want a team that thrives.

Through honest and anonymous feedback, we measure every team member’s level of satisfaction towards the leadership, the work culture, and their situation. You’ll be surprised how far just a little effort will take you when it comes to satisfied employees.

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A short period of stress can sometimes create an urgency to perform. However, long-term stress and being overwhelmed will ultimately lead to burnout. 

Our focus is on work-life balance and identifying stress indications early on to act proactively and avoid personal or professional burnout that can have severe consequences for not only the individual, but also the entire team.

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