One size really does fit all...

Successteam is a "one size fits all" tool as teams are mostly the same sizes, no matter the organization size. Although, depending on the organization, the reasons for using Successteam can vary. Read about the different obstacles in your type of company and understand how your team can benefit from Successteam.

Size doesn't matter, people do
Successteam is for all teams. Size and type of business really don't matter. What matters is that you have chosen to put people first because it's also a great business. Any leader should listen and act on their teams' feedback to improve. However, it can be difficult in a busy work-day, as day-to-day tasks seem important and can take up all hours of the day. But we promise you, those tasks are not more important than your team and their happiness, and by investing time in them, you'll get better results and meet your goals quicker, giving you much more time for other things. 

Feedback loops in an easy format
Successteam is the feedback tool that connects leaders with all team players intuitively and effectively. We help ensure that all people are aligned with the leaders and that leaders listen and act on their colleagues' feedback.

Four critical measurements are the secret sauce
We measure your team on four critical factors: Performance, Stress, Satisfaction, and Motivation. And we do it in an easy way that won't feel like yet another tedious questionnaire.

We got your back - Stay focused on your goals and make sure the team follows
To be a successful team, you as a leader need to be close to your team, but it is often a difficult challenge as you also need to focus on developing new products, services, etc. With Successteam, you will automatically get insights about how the team feels, thinks, and is doing, which is quint-essential for top-performing companies.

No great leader can lead without Successteam
Successteam is the tool for all leaders who intuitively put people first and are willing to listen and handle change. Choose your company size below and learn more...

Startups and growing companies

As a startup and a growing company, you are adding new people to your team. You are building your organization, and with only smaller teams to execute all tasks, communication can be difficult. When growing, it's hard to stay close to all people in the company. You'll run into the need for something that'll support you in putting people first, yet building the company and getting all operational tasks done simultaneously. Successteam is what you need.

Clear overview and one common goal
Successteam is for startups and growing companies that want to overview all teams and make sure that everybody works towards a common goal even when everything is happening at high speed.

Adding new people to your team is easy
Growing companies add people to their team regularly, and with Successteam, it is easy to add new people and make them a part of an existing loop of feedback so you as an organization always include new-comers quickly and effectively. And if you fail, you'll find out before any damage is done.

Read about how other startups get value out of Successteam.

Midsize and established companies

Are you a midsized company with many teams or departments? Then Successteam is a great tool to improve on your collaboration and communication.

Times have changed
Most midsized companies are still following the traditional linear organization paradigm established through the past 100 years of industrial age governance. But this mindset is outdated.

In the last decade, where the information age has dominated the way we do business, a "digital-first" mindset has been essential to compete. So why not use a digital tool to support the HR capability? It is both easier and more effective than the old 1 to 1 meeting, which many leaders forget to have regularly. 


It's the people who do the work
We know "digital-first" is important, but even more, essential all organization who wants to be successful has to put people first. Your team members are the people who execute, and if they are not motivated and happy, the quality of their work want be at their highest. And even more critical, if team members are too pressured, it might cause stress or burnout and affect their quality of life, which is a disaster for the person and the company. (Read more about stress and leadership here.)

We'll make it easy for you
Successteam is an excellent tool for midsized companies to ensure high retention because you actively counteract stress and lead through what motivates your team members. You are not only assuring them a happier workday. You are actually giving them much better conditions to perform and meet their goals. That is great business.



Enterprises and big organizations

Enterprises are still primarily run by rules, standard procedures, and regulations. Because dealing with large quantities of money, many employees and big orders, projects, services, etc., have to be delivered in a controlled and accountable way.

No more silos are agile
This is also why many enterprise organizations are still in a silo-organization mindset, where collaboration across teams and departments is rare. A big challenge is restrictions and control from top management, which we often see in the more prominent organizations. That form of governance will deprive great leaders of making independent decisions based on the teams' honest feedback. That's a huge mistake.

We can't all fit in one box
Although "one fits all" with Successteam, that is not the case with the way leadership is conducted in Large Enterprises without Successteam today. We have to leave the rules and regulation paradigm in the past, where it belongs. Let leaders thrive and make independent decisions based on their teams' actual feedback and individual needs, so they can give their team the best conditions to perform at their highest level. You can't force one leadership style on a leader, not if you want a happy team that meets their targets.

We'll help you develop great leaders
With Successteam, a leader can easily see where the critical challenges are, and it will be more convenient than ever to choose actions and justify them with the top management. Any leader can show their management why specific actions have to be taken because the Successteam team dashboard will give you all the insights you need. And the top management will still have the ability to see the status across all teams, and compare them with each other, to improve. So no worries, not all control is gone, only the unhealthy kind.