How does it work?

Successteam is a user-friendly platform created to ensure happy and motivated teams. It's built based on many years' experience with training organizations, building HR systems, and driving operations from the early startup phase. Our goal is to help teams get a strong team collaboration, where leaders listen and act on feedback, ensuring high retention and a stress-free environment.


We have chosen 4 main indicators to measure on to give an easy and manageable overview of your team's status, making it fast and intuitive to take action on your team's challenges. We also measure on 3 different levels: Leadership, Individuals, and Culture. Our 4 chosen indicators are essential factors for securing people's work-life balance and creating motivated teams who perform.

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A Feedback Collector gathers feedback from team members weekly, every other week, or monthly. All team members will receive statements and then answer how much they agree with that statement. It is simple and only takes a few minutes. All team members' answers are anonymous, but team leaders get notified of any challenges identified based on the feedback, giving them great insights to take action and improve.


You'll have an easy overview of the team status through the indicators, but you can look further into your teams' insights. The insights will show you exactly which challenges we have identified or where your team is doing great and thriving. You will also have insights into which statements your team answered, and colors will indicate if you have challenges based on a specific statement. Keeping it anonymous but giving leaders a chance to act on very specific feedback.


One thing is getting your teams' feedback, but another thing is acting on it. A good leader is always looking for new ways to improve their team and, more importantly, themselves. Our Actions feature makes it easier than ever. Based on your team's feedback, we will suggest actions to improve your challenges. The Actions are best practice solutions within team building, known leadership development techniques, and many years of experience with teams and leadership.