All you need to know about Successteam as a new user

All you need to know about Successteam as a new user

It's simple... Successteam is about you, and your team members. Your leader wants to know how you're feeling, and how they can give you the best circumstances to perform, by ensuring that you are always happy, unstressed, and motivated. Through your honest, yet anonymous feedback, you can help your leader develop their leadership skills, as well as the overall team collaboration. We want to create a feedback culture where people are seen and heard, and where leaders take action on necessary improvements based on the feedback. Specifically, we collect feedback on Performance, Motivation, Satisfaction, and Stress. We ask within leadership, team culture, and how individual team members feel. The goal is to get an indication of the teams' honest feelings towards the subjects below, so we always know that you and your team are happy and motivated at work. A Leader will be able to see the team status of the indicators, as shown below. When the feedback reveals a challenge, the team leader will get suggestions on different actions to take, to ensure that improvements are implemented based on the feedback you have given.

So, what do the colors actually mean?

Let's use "Stress" as an example. RED would mean that the team is very stressed, ORANGE that the team is moderately stressed, YELLOW that the team is a little bit stressed, and GREEN that the team is not stressed at all.

Help your leader improve by giving your honest (anonymous) feedback, and start becoming a Successteam!

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